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Hi, I'm Ana, I’m a runner, a Zumba instructor, Yoga teacher and fitness advocate. I started to attend Zumba classes because I had lost my job and I was feeling gloomy, I wasn’t a fan of doing exercise or being fitness, but as a Latina, I’ve always loved dancing; I found a class called Zumba in a gym near my home, in which I just needed a pair of sneakers.


That first class was horrible, I couldn't follow the steps and my feet were killing me from wearing shoes that weren't even my size, but the instructor was amazing and I felt all her energy and passion so I decided it to give it another try; this is where my fitness journey began without knowing where it would take me.


Running came into my life by coincidence and became my therapy, the only place where I could control what was happening.


Dancing and running have been there at critical moments in my life, they have helped me feel better, healthier, happy, and above all, they have given me true friends with whom I have been able to share these passions; for sure, I couldn't have gotten here by myself.


Being part of a community that is always encouraging and helping me to stay motivated has been the key to maintain my mental health and my well-being.


I want to help women discover that they are capable of doing more than they've ever thought, providing the base to build a supportive environment that empowers them and allows them to connect with one another, a safe space where they can share their own fitness journey and learn from the experiences of others.

Ana Ramirez

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